Mateus (Crystal)

A casual and friendly roleplay community for FFXIV.

About Us

★【About Us】★
Casually Pretending is a super casual, extremely laid back group of gamers and friends who enjoy FFXIV, WoW, and a plethora of other multi-player games – and we’re roleplayers. We understand life is crazy and people have schedules, so we keep things light while offering a late-night, chilled community consisting of your average working adult to the ‘4AM is my aesthetic’ night owl. The idea is to be consistent with our goals: have fun, keep the peace, and hang out together.

What do we have to offer as a Free Company? Peace of mind that our focus isn’t always RP, and it’s not always PVE, either. So there’s no hardcore schedules to maintain and we try to keep our monthly events flexible all the while promoting RP character connections within the FC and to friends outside the FC. In fact, we don’t even have an attendance policy. People can come and go as they like. And our Discord is open to friends of the FC.

We have veteran members who are incredibly knowledgeable of the game and love doing everything XIV provides: dungeon and alliance runs, pony/bird/dog farms, mentoring new players, a functional crafting circle – you name it, we do it.

Because the FC has no overarching story or style, no one is beholden to a certain theme. What our characters do have in common is a regular location that serves as a focal point for meeting and greeting each other with the opportunity to include new people. (We’re casual enough to keep RP light and easy while being dedicated enough to have our own roll and combat system.)

Naturally, we have guidelines and community rules that are simple, basic concepts and common sense standards. We have veteran members who help mediate and monitor the FC, along with mentors who are well versed with the game who are willing to give a hand to both novice and returning/veteran players alike. Because the FC is largely self-monitored and cared for, rarely do we need to lay down ‘da law’. We expect everyone to keep a sensible, level-headed attitude.

In-character, the Associates of the Apothecarium are 'good to neutrally' aligned personalities, but we also accept convincing and well-written villains. Storytellers and players who want to propose stories are also encouraged. (When applying, we’ll be asking for information regarding your character to ensure they would be an appropriate fit for the Associates/employees.)

★【What We Look For】★
We’re open for casual, chillaxed adults like us. We’re old enough to know and appreciate the oldest of memes and young enough to laugh at them at the same. Open-minded and progressive mindsets are a bonus. We like to promote positive, good vibes. When it comes to PVE stuff, we aim for constructive criticism and building up our skills as a group rather than bringing down and focusing on faults and flaws. The only way we can improve as a group is to improve every link of the chain. Everyone in this FC is a friend of each other. We encourage everyone to join us in text conversations, voice chat, and regular activities. We like to meet everyone halfway; half the initiative comes from being assertive and taking steps forward.

★【What We Avoid】★
Blatant bigotry and needless bullshit. We’ve got no time for that. We’re rather vulgar friends and we do swear a lot, but we have zero tolerance for racist and phobic slurs and behavior. We’re also not for those seeking validation and entitlement. We understand there’s a time and place to rant about life, but when it becomes an everyday activity, we draw the line there. We have no patience for those who look at groups of friends as cliques. Put your best foot forward.

Following that, we are not a place for the elitist PVE'er mindset. While we enjoy running content when applicable, those are seeking the absolute "Top Dog" rank will be disappointed to know we don't care about that kind of stuff. Our focus is about having fun and getting the job done.

★【Other Information】★
We’re big on community and hanging out together. We also have Twitch streamers and artists who support each other. Keywords: community and support. That’s how we roll.

Our Discord is as active as we are, and we have channels that cover a wide variety of topics. Voice chat is not mandatory, but overall activity and participation helps to show and prove interest.

Housing: The Mist, Ward 13, Plot 2
Type of FC: Roleplaying/PVE
Active Time: 8PM to 2AM EST (1-6 UTC)
RP Themes: Slice of Life, Espionage/Combat, Bounty/Hunting
RP Intensity: Light, monthly events

Contact Us

★【Contact Information】★
Jay'ani Bastilion
General Manager & FC Coordinator
Discord: Pyra#1694

General inquiries should be sent in game or over Discord to Jay/Pyra. In the event the FC Manager cannot be contacted, most FC members are able and/or available to relay messages when applicable.

The Apothecarium

★【The Apothecarium】★

The Apothecarium is your one-stop shop for all things alchemical and botanical. The boutique features a wide assortment of concoctions for both health and beauty needs, including scented oils, lotions, and incense. Our flourishing gardens provide fresh herbal and floral remedies and arrangements.

Potions and elixirs are crafted daily, and detailed orders can be requested for our specialized alchemists and smiths. We also supply new and refurbished alembics, mortars, and glass wares. Looking for something specific? Arrange an appointment with our staff for more details.

Stop by our library to relax or visit our eatery upstairs for delicious refreshments.

The Apothecarium hosts an OPEN HOUSE/MARKET every fourth Saturday of the month, starting at 7PM EST / 4PM PST. For more details, IC or OOC information, please contact Jay'ani Bastilion.

Store employees will always be marked with a 'Looking for Party' (green) icon so visitors can easily locate available staff.

(We humbly ask all players to remain respectful and courteous during shop hours.)

Did you know? The Apothecarium was featured in Spotlight Across Eorzea, a monthly fanzine made by Mateus roleplayers!

Visit our Apothecarium site to learn more!


★【Recruitment Status】★
Casually Pretending <RPer> is OPEN for recruitment.
April 28th 2021 Update: The free company is open to new applicants. Please contact a member in game or send an application via the link below.

★【How to Apply】★
This will take you to Google Forms. We will not ask for personal information.
This is strictly for IC/OOC information only.


Submit an in-game application, visit the Limsa Aetheryte, and click on the Residential District option, then click on Ward 17. Look for the FC’s name in the list, click on the name or the […] box (which will also bring up our housing info), click on View Company Profile, and then submit application.

You can also use the same method by visiting our FC house in The Mists (Ward 13, House 2); click on the Placard (the signpost in the front), hit View Company Profile and submit an application through there. Please add "Application Sent" to your message.

Once an application is received, it may take us up to 24 hours to respond, given our availability and how often you are online. After 72 hours of no contact, we will consider the application inactive and decline. (You are free to reapply to the FC if such an occurrence has happened.) Afterward, we may ask additional questions in conjunction with the application process.

★【Our Right to Decline】★
We reserve the right to decline an application for reasons including, but not limited to, application responses, character design/lore consistency, public display/mannerisms (including social media aspects), and anything that we feel may go against our FC in-character and out-of-character community guidelines. If you feel we have declined an application in error, please contact us directly.

Guidelines & Rules

★【Community Guidelines & Rules】★
The following guidelines and rules apply to all <RPer> members. Out-of-character, people are expected to behave as they would in any RL situation: mature and level-headed. In-character, the rules are as the group leader advises, and IC actions should not be taken OOC or vice versa.

If you are from another group outside of <RPer>, please be mindful of our people as we try to be mindful of yours. Issues with anyone from <RPer> should be directed to Pyra. Likewise, if any member of an affiliate FC is causing issues OOC (spamming, harassment, general annoyance), please let Pyra know.

We’re willing to work with you. Not against you.

★【Out-of-Character (OOC)】★
● Due to the nature of our group, we are extremely casual, laid-back and fun-loving people. Our FC chat (both in-game and Discord voice) is OOC and may contain rough language, jokes and/or commentary that may be inappropriate for people under 18. We are also a very open-minded and open-spirit community with members who are a part of the LGBT+ community. A sense of humor and thick skin is a plus.

● We aim to be a drama-free group that is open to casual players, PVPers, and RPers. We ask that all members act accordingly and respectful out-of-character and enjoy their time in-game. We will not force people to participate in ongoing activities, but it does nicely to keep good attendance and a positive attitude. Please try to keep things civil and constructive. Be considerate of others. Remember: your beliefs do not make you a better person, your behavior does.

● CP <RPer> is an open community with members from around the world. We do not condone harassment of any kind - this includes flaming, trolling, or general harassment, and also includes racial and/or ethnically attacks. Links, images, or other material will be removed. Be mindful of political, religious, or other sensitive propaganda. Watch out for potential flame-baiting topics; if you find something offensive, please politely inform the others or contact Pyra directly.

● Do not attempt to poach members from other FCs. They are in their FC for a reason. If they are truly interested in joining, we’ll talk with them. Other FCs may find poaching to be offensive, so please don’t do it.

● FC chat, raid, and party chat is considered OOC at all times unless noted otherwise. If roleplaying, all text in /say is should be considered as being IC. If you need to say something OOC, please use appropriate brackets. (( Example. )) Please do not invade RP scenes (public or private) and have open OOC conversations.

● Maliciously trolling or spamming Discord tags/roles such as FC Member, RP, and/or PVE will receive disciplinary action and potential removal from the Free Company.

● Unless something is intentionally offensive, Back-Seat Moderating is prohibited. What constitutes as "offensive"? Anything that is in violation of our guidelines, including but not limited to: harassment, malicious trolling, racial and/or ethical attacks. Members encouraging discussions to be moved to other channels based on the subject is permitted, however, please be mindful of the discussion (check timestamps and relevancy).

★【In-Character (IC)】★
● Always ask for consent OOC prior to making any inflictions upon another character. Do not try to harm, maim or kill other characters without their player’s consent. Do not use out-of-character information in-character without a person's consent (AKA meta-gaming). Yes, we are very strict about this.

● Do not god-mode or meta-game. This is considered a serious offense to other players and can soil the reputation of the FC. Anyone caught ‘god-modding’ or meta-gaming will be handled directly and swiftly. Yes, we are very strict about this.

● We realize some characters will have particular interests and personality perks that may be vastly different from others. We encourage all players to act out their characters accordingly, but we humbly ask that you be mindful of the position you put your character(s) in. In other words, if you anticipate on RPing a villain, your character should expect to be treated as one. In other words, IC actions have IC consequences and should not bleed over OOC.

● What you (and your character) do in private is your business. Whether you want to ERP or hate it altogether is your business, not ours. Do not bring it to us, do not bring it to the public eye. We are NOT a brothel. This is NOT an ERP group. If you are caught doing this in public channels (including /em and /s) in public spaces (not including housing, private or otherwise), you will be removed from the Free Company. No exceptions. In addition to this, please refrain from heavily implied NSFW topics in general channels and move conversations over to the NSFW channel or private messages.

★【Disciplinary Action】★
Because we are a self-governing collective of peers, fellow senior members will ultimately decide disciplinary action if such is to be delivered. This can include being out-right kicked from the free company. Everyone keeps each other in check.

★【Managerial Tasks】★
The FC Manager is responsible for the day to day tasks of keeping the FC’s background work in order, edited, and updated when necessary. By extension, it is a leadership role, but only in the sense of air traffic control monitoring airplanes and making sure things fall in order. Only in extreme situations should the Manager enforce executive decisions.

Jay'ani is the Leader of the Casual's Division and Recon squad, RAINBOW HUNTERS.